We have a solid network in Singapore and across Asia to expand your markets, along with complete knowledge of the Distribution process. We can be your partner in finding new customers and markets for your product. We can also represent you in Singapore and be your local face in the very competitive market. We specialise in evaluating High-Growth markets in Asia and ensuring that your product gets to market and gets bought by the right customers in quick time.

We are continuously on the lookout for unique and innovative products and solutions that can remove bottlenecks and add value to businesses in the Technology, Printing, Packaging and Plastics Supply Chains. With our strong technical background and marketing knowledge, we can together evaluate potential possibilities to give your product exposure at the correct targets and based on an agreed commercial and technical framework, pitch your product at potential clients and then roll this out at a limited or large scale.

If you are considering having a local presence in Singapore, we could help you with the process and get you setup and rolling with a smooth transition and strong support. We can also help you identify potential geographies and markets where your product or service might be relevant. We can also help you with screening and evaluating potential local partnerships and providing feedback to ensure that you take the right business decisions based on solid data and market realities. Feel free to drop us a message with your requirements and let’s talk!

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    Polynnovate’s mission is to provide innovative solutions in multiple domains to solve business problems leading to higher efficiencies and growth.
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