Our Strategic Consulting Services can give you actionable advice to take your business to the next level based on product, service and market evaluation and trends and insights as well as the competitive situation.

We can help to evaluate your existing Strategy or create a Strategic Plan from scratch and put in a sustainable action plan that tracks your progress and supports you along the way to achieve these Goals. With our solid Change Management experience across cultures and geographies, we can tightly embed your strategic goals within the organisational culture and the people to help you get there as a Team, faster and in good shape.

Whether it is help with evaluating a Product-Market fit, evaluating User-Experiences and feedback or providing regional market and user requirements to tweak or optimise your product to meet local requirements, or it is about the right Business, Sales and Marketing Models to take your existing business to the next level, we can partner with you and support you. Feel free to drop us a message with your requirements and let’s talk!.

  • Strategic Roadmaps
    • Review current purpose, objectives and goals
    • 360-degree analysis from stakeholder’s perspectives
    • Benchmarking with competitors and industry trends
    • Strategic Growth plan with milestones ready to execute
  •  Distribution Models
    • Review current Distribution process
    • B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C, Direct, Indirect
    • Distributor Management & Revenue
    • Strategic Partnerships
  • Product fit
    • Product, Pricing, Market & Customer fit
    • Product Management and Localisation
    • Problem solving and Value analysis
    • Features, USPs, Benefits & Personas
  • Suppliers & Partners
    • Performance evaluation & Strategic initiatives
    • Sourcing, Onboarding and Management
  • Materials and Processes
    • Procurement, Driving RFQs and RFIs
    • Risk Mitigation and Backup planning
  • MPR and EPR – PPP
    • Collection, Analysis and Reporting of Packaging
    • Following NEA guidelines and formats
  • Sustainability Goals and Approach
    • Evaluation of Business from ESG lens
    • Redesign Business and Process to reduce Carbon
  • Constituency and Voter
    • Data and Information collection and Summary
    • Gap identification and Solution offering
  • Social Media & Content
    • Social Media monitoring for insights
    • Managing Digital Marketing with good content
  • Personalisation Technology
    • Automate graphics creation
    • Technology Platforms for self-service
Market Research
and Expansion
Regional Product
and Project Management
Sales Force
Evaluation and Optimisation
Action Planning
and Sustained
High Growth Markets Strategy

    Polynnovate’s mission is to provide innovative solutions in multiple domains to solve business problems leading to higher efficiencies and growth.
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