Phoenix – Planning and Imposition United

Phoenix is a sleek and easy to use Step and Repeat or Sheet Optimisation application from Tilia Labs. Each imposition tool in Phoenix is packed with smarts, allowing you to do more in LESS TIME and with FEWER ERRORS. It is a Smart Sheet Optimiser and Intelligent Layout Tool.

  • CAD Step-and-Repeat
  • Instant Artwork to Die Alignment
  • Group and Resolve Overlaps
  • Grid Based Step-and-Repeat
  • Powerful Dynamic Marks
  • Granular Item Control

At the heart of Phoenix is a REVOLUTIONARY ganging engine designed to MINIMIZE both press costs and post-press complexity.

  • Generate cost-optimal layouts
  • Find best sheet/press combos
  • True shape tightly nested layouts
  • Optimize post-press cutting
  • Review cost, waste, time, overruns

Uniting imposition and planning means AUTOMATING the layout process as far as it can go without losing the fine-grained control needed to ensure your job is truly PRINT READY

  • Unite your Pre-press Department
  • Unite your press types
  • Unite your jobs
  • Built for speed on Mac and Windows

Phoenix comes in three editions: CAD, PDF, and PRO

All editions include an wide array of customizable, dynamic marks,
full support for all presses including Wide Format, the ability to export to open standards such as PDF, JDF, PS, CFF2, accurate and time cost estimates, job reports and much more.


Phoenix CAD is ideal for Folding Carton and Greeting Card printers who use CAD software to create multi-up dies or have a library of standing dies

  • Artwork to Die auto snap
  • CFF2, DXF, and DDES CAD Import
  • Interactive Die Import Wizard
  • Group based bleed overlap resolution
  • Die line editing capabilities
  • Dies synced across front & back sides


Phoenix PDF is a pure PDF-based workflow where new layouts are generated directly from PDF or AI files. Perfect for labels, digital cartons and signage

  • True die shape from artwork inks
  • Grid-based Step & Repeat tool
  • Step up using true die contour gaps
  • Nine auto fill options to optimize sheet
  • Seamless repeats layout support


Phoenix PRO combines all the great features of Phoenix CAD and Phoenix PDF and adds additional power with PDF versioning capabilities

  • All CAD Import features of Phoenix CAD
  • All PDF layout features of Phoenix PDF
  • PDF Layer control within each product
  • Preserve, flatten or merge PDF layers
  • Import Products from CSV spreadsheet

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